ABOUT US - Bereket Döner


As Bereket Doner Family, giving priority to retail, we are offering our carefully manufactured products, beside industrial doner production, to our clients all over Turkey around the 87 restaurants are serving abroad with services restored first. 88 Restaurant services 44 of them while shopping centers, 43 of them in the street, one of them abroad (Kosava) is located at street concept.

Turkey, we are inviting investor to join our franchise network with "add-win" principle. Investors franchise entry fee and we demand that the share of advertising Participation In addition to our taste shops that will have a more modern look with currently ongoing renovation project for the architectural concept of our restaurants, we are planning to be even closer to the public with “BufeBereket" project, which is a brand-new project.  This new concept aims to bring Bereket Doner quality and services to people by moving forward fast because of its flexibility and compliance with investment costs.