OUR POLICIES - Bereket Döner


Quality Policy

BEREKET DONER is aware of the fact that continuity of product quality would only be possible by determining and meeting changing and evolving customer expectations in a complete and accurate way. Therefore in BEREKET DONER, design and production activities are always given high importance. In a new product design and design changes, the reliability of the product is accurately ensured by taking into consideration all risk factors, laws and standards.

BEREKET DONER chooses its suppliers carefully, checks them over in their place, and contributes to the development of their system.

BEREKET DONER follows national and international technological developments and reflects contemporary applications in their product quality



BEREKET DONER provides training to its employees, whom it sees as the most valuable resource for sustainable development, for producing, delivering and presenting the products that completely meet consumer expectations in the most effective way.

For BEREKET DONER, compliance with quality, hygiene, environment and safety rules at all stages of production is an indispensable policy.



Food Safety Policy

BEREKET DONER sees Food Safety as a part of total quality management

BEREKET DONER keeps Food Safety under control at every stage with its trained staff having team spirit.

Based on the motto “a chain is as strong as its weakest link”, BEREKET DONER continues its trainings, which keeps increasing every year, to instill food safety awareness in all employees. 

For BEREKET DONER, compliance with quality, hygiene, environment and safety rules at all stages of the chain is an indispensable policy.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We provide elimination of risks for occupational health and safety by taking measures in advance.

We adopt the policy that the improvement of Occupational Health and Safety is a joint responsibility of all employees.

We comply with legal regulations relating to OHS in force, administrative regulations and rules of organizations which we are a member of.

We provide trainings for both company staff and contractors’ employees we use in order to make them aware of their individual OHS responsibilities.

We encourage our employees to report accidents and near-miss incidents.

We provide continuous improvement in OHS.



Customer Complaints Handling Policy

As Turkey's first doner kebab manufacturing establishment, our goal is to serve our customers beyond their expectations. We care to consider demands for our services in a way to satisfy our customers. For this, we handle things in the best possible manner.

Customer demands coming from all communication channels are dealt with in a timely manner in accordance with legal regulations and company rules.


We give importance to the protection of personal information, assess requests in a fair and impartial manner and give clear information to our customers for all phases.

We make our customers feel that we have a solution-oriented approach, we deal with their demands with attention and care and that we care about them.

Considering any feedback coming from our customers as valuable opportunities, we make necessary improvements in our business processes.

In order to prevent recurrence of complaints, we constantly revise our processes by determining corrective and preventive actions.  We continually monitor the effectiveness of the improvement activities.

The way we handle applications, demands and complaints of our customers are understandable, easily accessible and open to everyone in accordance with technology.

Customer complaints communication channels: