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HACCP and Food Safety

Food safety is absolute demand of consumers who use the product, and a prerequisite for food production. In order to ensure this, establishment of a Food Safety Control System is required.  HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which responds this need is an internationally recognized management system in the food industry that allows to take measure before a hazard occurs and to eliminate it.



Development of HACCP Standards

HACCP was developed in the 1970s in order to ensure safe food for astronauts in the US, it was used by chicken meat manufacturers first and then by other meat manufacturers.



• It was used for the first time in 1973 by NASA ( zero defect food production for astronauts joint project )

• In 1993, 93/43/EEC Hygiene of Foodstuffs Directive (in European Union countries)

• In 1996, it was transformed into a legal obligation (in European Union countries)

• In 1997, it became mandatory with the Turkish Food Codex.

• HACCP standard was adopted in 1998 (in Denmark)

• In 2003, it was adopted as TS 13001 Standard.



Today, a lot of businesses around the world, who wish to provide safe food to customers and are included in the food production chain (food manufacturing or producing equipment for the food) is implementing and willing to implement the HACCP compliance standards.

The HACCP system in general is based on institutionalization, documented processes, planned quality controls and hygiene at every point for all functions from food supply to consumption.


Within the scope of organizations that will export to overseas, it is explained in the food regulations published in 1997 that although it was not officially named as "HACCP", in a sense HACCP application was required by referring determination of critical control points. Also, in accordance with the provisions of "Food Production, Consumption and Inspection Regulation”, published in the official gazette in 1998, it was explained that food processing firms must be prepared to implement “HACCP principles" in 2-6 years.



Bereket Doner has worked in accordance with HACCP principles since its establishment and has been certified by international certification.

HACCP food safety system has been continuously implemented with supervision of Veterinary and Food Engineers in our company and elimination of potential hazards is provided.


Production in EU Norms

The Food Act, dated 01/28/2002 with number 178/2002/EC (European Parliament and Council Regulation) provides general principles of EU food legislation. With establishment and functioning of EU compatible food laws in our country, Ozde Bereket will be the first company to operate in compliance with the related norms with its vision and long term strategies based on this objective

‘Bereket Doner' is manufactured in accordance with full compliance principle for legal requirements, quality standards, protection of human health and hygiene. You can consume our products safely.