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Since 1988, as "Abundance of Flavor", we have given the priority always to our customers. Our making no compromise on quality and hygiene made us more fertile. We always take our leadership further as the first off-the-shelf doner manufacturer and we only compete with ourselves. We are increasingly improving our supply chain with the confidence we get from our customers and we reach more and more people every passing day. Our success has reached today also with our partners’ care for our work.

Today, we are providing service to our customers all over Turkey in more than 80 restaurants. Our fast-growing restaurant chain, aims to reach every corner of Turkey with its customer and quality focused service approach. In order to increase our widespread distribution across Turkey, we are inviting investor to join our franchise network with “add-win” principle. Investors franchise entry fee and we demand our share of advertising participation


In addition to our taste shops that will have a more modern look with currently ongoing renovation project for the architectural concept of our restaurants, we are planning to be even closer to the public with “BufeBereket" project, which is a brand-new project.  This new concept aims to bring Bereket Doner quality and services to people by moving forward fast because of its flexibility and compliance with investment costs.


Our growth strategy is to expand the restaurant chain to 100 restaurants this year and to over 300 restaurants in the next 5 years. Bereket Doner which moves on in line with this objective will continue to grow with new partnerships. We offer to share our success and abundance with you. We will be glad to see you in this collaboration.









• As Bereket Doner, our corporate goal is to give the best service to customers and to expand our restaurant chain that provides abundance and profit.

• In order to achieve this purpose reciprocally, we expect our partners to meet certain criteria.

• One of the important criteria in the retail sector is location. Therefore our partners must pick a convenient location to open the business. The final approval in this respect is given by us.

• Adequate financial conditions should be provided in order to construct and operate the selected location in accordance with Bereket Doner architectural standards.

• A contract for our franchise system must be signed.

• As your store will be in a sense our store, professional approach and continuous cooperation is very important.

• Since product supply will be completely provided by Bereket Doner Industry and Trade Inc., we would like our partners to give bank guarantee.





On Road restaurant:

A place which is centrally located, with a straight entry, in areas with high pedestrian traffic, at least 80 m2, having 4m or above on the front should be preferred. The said locations are restaurants with kitchen and storage area, male and female WC, and with customer area with 10 or more tables.


An average area up to 30 m2 may be sufficient for our BufeBereket concept.






  • Shopping Mall:

These are stores whose architectural projects are done according to Shopping Mall requirements.




Target locations:

All regions where there is high pedestrian traffic and people love to spend time.



Can target audience easily reach the restaurant?



Is the restaurant easily noticed?


  • Size and Plan

Is fertility Rotary meets the conditions and requirements? Is in accordance with the operational area?


Vehicle traffic flow

Can vehicles safely take a turn when they see the restaurant?

Can vehicles find parking during the day (especially at meal times)?


Financial Compliance

Location and model you choose should be appropriate for your budget.


Situation of the Structure

It should be determined to what extent the chosen structure needs renovations.


Technical Compliance

The chosen structure must have the appropriate technical infrastructure such as drain, chimney, and natural gas.


  • Neighbors

The effect of the neighbors and other tenants on the restaurant should be investigated.


  • Competitors

Competitors in the region should be considered and an area that can be an advantage over them should be selected. (If most of the customers come to the restaurant from work by car, being closer to these business environments than your competitors will be an advantage.) 

  • Demand Producers

If there are other doner vendors and successful restaurants in your area, it shows there is a demand for the same style products in this region. Other businesses in the region and businesses that are relevant with each other and complementary should be taken into consideration. (A pastry shop in the region may trigger a need for doner consumption) 

After agreeing to be a Bereket Doner point, an application form will be filled in and a profit and loss statement for the agreed location will be prepared.









Education is the most important requirement for a successful business. Therefore, before a new location is opened, the staff who will be working there should start taking orientation trainings at the time and place which will be determined by Bereket Doner Operations Training Department and during the ongoing process they should participate in current trainings.





Food safety is absolute demand of consumers who use the product, and a prerequisite for food production. In order to ensure this, establishment of a Food Safety Control System is required.  ISO 22000, which responds this need, is an internationally recognized management system in the food industry that allows to take measure before a hazard occurs and to eliminate it. We manufacture in European standards with our ISO 9001 certificate that we received in 2006 and ISO 22000 Food Safety and Quality Management System documents as well as our Turkish Food Codex documents.



 Continuous cooperation constitutes one of the basic principles of our working principle and our partnership. With “union is strength” approach, we prefer to be in constant communication and continuous cooperation with our partners.



Corporate Responsibility is a prerequisite for maintaining all values of our brand which has reliability in the market. The consistency and continuity of our responsibility that arise from our responsibility to our customers and the belief felt for us has ensured the continuity of our corporate existence. In short, our Corporate Responsibility can be expressed as our responsibility to our customers, our responsibility towards the environment and towards ourselves.



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