Turkey’s Doner Shop | Bereket Döner
Sandwich Chicken Doner
Sandwich Chicken Doner50 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 412
Protein: 14
Carbohydrate: 53
Fat: 15
Pita Chicken Doner
Pita Chicken Doner50 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 412
Protein: 14
Carbohydrate: 53
Fat: 15
B.A. Usta Chicken Iskender Kebab
B.A. Usta Chicken Iskender Kebab80 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 852
Protein: 28
Carbohydrate: 63
Fat: 52
Chicken Sarma (Bereket Special)
Chicken Sarma (Bereket Special)100 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 603
Protein: 26
Carbohydrate: 62
Fat: 27
KidS’ Menu Chicken
KidS’ Menu Chicken40 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 295
Protein: 10
Carbohydrate: 36
Fat: 11
Chicken Doner Portion
Chicken Doner Portion100 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 829
Protein: 26
Carbohydrate: 90
Fat: 38
Wrapped Chicken Doner
Wrapped Chicken Doner75 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 560
Protein: 17
Carbohydrate: 43
Fat: 34
Chicken Doner on Rice
Chicken Doner on Rice100 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 757
Protein: 23
Carbohydrate: 88
Fat: 33

Chicken Doner

Chicken doner takes place among the most preferred products because of its taste, price advantage and filling. Because it can be consumed quickly and easily, it is a delicious food especially for the employees and students which they can have it prepared quickly in the lunch times. According to other appetisers, chicken doner is more valuable in terms of nutritional elements and thus the families can prefer it for their children. Our company works by showing utmost care for the quality and hygiene conditions in the production of chicken doner The quality and cleanliness of the materials used are cared. Cleanliness of the production area is also considered. All the processes and elements in the production stage are arranged according to health conditions. Then, the doner is prepared suitably for your palatal taste with the contribution of experienced doner masters and chefs.

Points to consider at the place where chicken doner will be eaten

Chicken doner is a most preferred product because it is cheap and delicious. Especially the main food of the students is chicken doner. For this reason, chicken doner is made at many places. However, many places choose the cheapest chicken and thus, they can make chicken doner that is not compatible with qualified production and hygiene conditions. For this reason, it may not be healthy if you eat chicken doner at unknown places. Chicken doner should be eaten at the places where you trust. Our company is one of the successful brands in its field for preparing healthy and high quality chicken doner. Chicken doner that is manufactured at Bereket Doner is prepared by masters, chefs and the kitchen personnel considering qualified production and hygiene conditions. It is important to repeat that the place where chicken doner is to be eaten should be a well-known and a reliable place. Our company is one of the most reliable addresses in this regard.

Preparation of Chicken Doner

Soft chicken meat is used for the production of chicken doner. Thus the doner will be more delicious. After the parts of the chicken to be used are sauced, they are attached to the apparatus of the furnace and provided to be cooked slowly by rotating continuously. Chicken doner is sliced finely by a special doner blade.
Chicken doner are usually consumed as a sandwich or by wrapping in bread. It is flavoured with various greeneries and sauces. Chicken doner can be provided in various types such as wrap, on the rice, plain etc..
Chicken doner is a practical food with and fast service. It is among the most preferred fast foods because it is easy and fast to consume. Thanks to its different taste, chicken doner that is consumed by everyone is prepared carefully by our employees and then presented to our customers.
Our company takes care of all the details in doner production. Our company gives importance to the preferences and palatal taste of its customers. The working environment complies with the hygiene conditions. Everything is prepared according to the hygiene rules.