Turkey’s Doner Shop | Bereket Döner
B.A. Usta Iskender Kebab
B.A. Usta Iskender Kebab80 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 915
Protein: 28
Carbohydrate: 63
Fat: 59
Sandwich Meat Doner
Sandwich Meat Doner50 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 443
Protein: 14
Carbohydrate: 53
Fat: 18
Pita Meat Doner
Pita Meat Doner50 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 443
Protein: 14
Carbohydrate: 53
Fat: 18
Sarma (Bereket Special)
Sarma (Bereket Special)100 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 570
Protein: 22
Carbohydrate: 45
Fat: 33
Kids’ Menu Meat
Kids’ Menu Meat40 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 321
Protein: 10
Carbohydrate: 36
Fat: 14
Donermen40 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 701
Protein: 21
Carbohydrate: 44
Fat: 47
Sandwich Grilled Meatballs
Sandwich Grilled Meatballs90 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 548
Protein: 19
Carbohydrate: 54
Fat: 27
Meat Doner Portion
Meat Doner Portion100 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 892
Protein: 26
Carbohydrate: 90
Fat: 45
Wrapped Meat Doner
Wrapped Meat Doner75 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 608
Protein: 17
Carbohydrate: 43
Fat: 39
Meatballs with Pita
Meatballs with Pita150 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 906
Protein: 31
Carbohydrate: 47
Fat: 65
Meat Doner on Rice
Meat Doner on Rice100 Gr
In One Portion
Calories: 820
Protein: 23
Carbohydrate: 88
Fat: 40

Meat Doner

As Bereket Doner, we are proud of providing quality service to our customers. We serve thousands of people every day in more than 125 restaurants by taking years of experience.
Do you want to eat a real meat doner? You are at the right address for meat doner. The meats that are prepared with care of a mother, are waiting for you with its delicious taste. Thanks to our growing restaurant chain and our quality service, we reach to every part of Turkey. We aim to offer you a pleasant atmosphere and a feast of taste with our innovative concept.

Only address of meat doner for your palatal delight

All the products that are the raw material sources of our meat doner are natural and they are carefully selected. The yoghurt, onion, salt and spices used in seasoning and processing of the meat are obtained via natural means. From the seasoning of the meat to its presentation to the customer, it is delivered to the customer from the first hand. We ensure that our customers will consume secure meat that are obtained via completely natural ways without using any any additives. We offer you various options with different types of doner in our menu. As the company, we add taste to your tables with soups, salads, drinks and desserts besides meat doner and chicken doner. We certify our corporate quality with our Halal certificate, ISO certificates, and also agriculture and livestock certificates. If you are looking for a reliable address for meat and you want to eat meat doner that suits your palatal taste, you should try out our products. We are able to be accessed from many points of Turkey with our wide network of dealers.

Participate in our Franchising Network and Let Us Present Meat Doner

We continue to grow with our franchising network. We stand behind our services that we provide as the first ready made doner producer of Turkey. In order to grow more, we are waiting for our investors to expand our network under the Bereket Doner roof without any advertisement participation fee. We expect our investors to contribute our work with the same commitment to our brand, which is the spokesman and defender of Turkish doner in the world. Our purpose is to expand our brand and restaurant chain in the sector that we serve corporately. This will be possible by courtesy of new partners. Cooperation is an important element for the works to be done accordingly. Meat sector is an important factor in the food sector of Turkey. In our country, the process from cutting the meat to its entrance to the kitchen is cared. As a culture, meat is one of the most important nutritional sources consumed. We aim to sustain the meat doner culture and to provide customer satisfaction with innovative studies in order to present meat doner to the world. Besides palatal taste, we work meticulously by considering the elements such as halal meat cutting, the naturality of the products used in seasoning the meat, and the like. We aim to offer you a pleasant atmosphere and a feast of taste.