Turkey’s Doner Shop | Bereket Döner

Our Social Responsibility Policy

We aim to contribute to a sustainable future by signing projects that will add value to our employees, our work place, and our society,
by taking a against tobacco and tobacco products, alcohol consumption, gambling, and technology addiction,
through our "healthy and happy individuals, healthy and happy generations" approach.

Our Social Responsibility Principles

  • To respect to national and international laws
  • To account and to be transparent
  • To comply with ethical rules
  • To respect to the benefits of the stakeholders
  • To be respectful to human rights

IYI Program

22 October 2018

We also play an active role in the IYI Program (Improving Business Life) run by the Turkish Green Crescent under the slogan "A Healthy and Happy Work Environment For All". This program serves as a p...

Friends with Paws

18 July 2017

We have also launched the 'Friends with Paws Project' so that our wee furry friends, too, don't go hungry. This entails the use of special containers meant for excess food scraps so that they go rig...

Askıda Bereket

18 July 2017

We launched the 'Askıda Bereket (Unconditional Bereket) Project' not wanting anyone to leave our restaurants with an empty stomach. Thus, in line with the custom of our Ottoman forefathers, we cont...