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Bereket Döner San. Ve Tic AŞ

Bereket Doner, founded the first read-made production facility in Turkey in Ikitelli OSB in 1998 that has an indoor area of 1350 m² and transferred traditional doner production into an industrial environment. Bereket Döner still maintains ready-made doner production that it launched by combining its experience within the market with high quality standarts in its modern facility in Hadimkoy which is the biggest facility in Turkey and the second biggest in Europe with a total of 5500 m² indoor area 5000 m2 of which is just the production area. Our factory which began producing meatballs besides chicken and beef doner is distributing its products of high quality standards to all around Turkey and abroad.


Our daily production capacity is 50 tonnes.  As the biggest doner production facility in Turkey, we are directed towards bigger objectives with an ever changing and improving work force that has the experience and information accumulated over the years.  Since we know that doner production requires an intense work force, our sensitivity to our employees is a result of the importance we give to our business.  Therefore we are set towards bigger objectives.  We are working for taste with a team of 200 people including our supervisor team of 2 veterinaries, 3 food engineers and 2 food technicians.  We are confidently moving towards the goal of producing 300 tonnes of beef doner, 300 tonnes chicken doner, 100 tonnes precooked doner and 100 tonnes of meatballs per month.